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Privacy Policy

- The only personal information I take is through third party websites, for my newsletter, or via my contact form.

- I don't keep this information on my server.

- I am not marketing specifically to minors, nor will I accept commissions contracts from minors. If you cannot sign a contract with me due to the law, then I cannot accept a request of work from you.

- Any items for sale on my site, are also sold through third party sites, or in person. In this way, I do not collect information that I am ultimately directly responsible for or risk to a data breach. Using third-party sites helps add a layer of protection for this information.

- Any information that is collected through this sites is used for understanding who visits and what sort of content is pulling more interest. This helps me produce content that offers more value to those who visit my site, or my other accounts.

- I do not sell this information (goodness knows I hate getting unrelated garbage in my inbox). Period.

- However, what the third party sites do with it, is based on their individual Policies. If a company gives me the option to OPT OUT of selling/sharing/using this information, I will check that box.

- If you want to unsubscribe or remove your personal information from my access, you will need to go through these third party sites and follow their instructions for such a need. If, however, I personally have your information, just send a note through my contact form and I will delete (shred) the information from my personal files.