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I am an avid collector of art supplies and a very active Bibliophile. I tend to shop online for most of my supplies through Blick Art Supplies, or Amazon. When I can get out to a brick and mortar store, I go to Michaels almost exclusively, as they are a lot closer and the store I go to has a nice wide range of things. However, Blick is the best for online ordering, and they do have a few brick and mortar stores here and there. They have a deal with Copic, so when Copics start to run out everywhere else around Christmas time, I go to Blick.


The first two in the Force Series of dynamic anatomy books were my most recent set of anatomy reference purchases. The Character Design book is on my wishlist! I took an online workshop that required the first book as a purchase. I have never been more happy with a reference. It goes into depth about the dynamic motion of a figure and delves into details of the whys and hows behind it. This is more than a simple "S-curve" tip. The Animal Drawing one was my next buy and has improved my overall animal anatomy! So worth the cost. Even better, most of them come in Kindle editions!

Dynamic Anatomy: Revised and Expanded Edition - by Burne Hogarth is one of my earliest artistic anatomy purchases. It helped me to develop my drawing skills by leaps and bounds in my early college days.