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Copyright and Usage

All artwork and design on this site are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Unless specified by contractual agreement or through direct written permission via email or traditional mail, all rights are reserved with the following footnotes:


  • Watermarks: If an item has been watermarked, do not edit or change the mark and then re-post the image.
  • Credit and Link: Simple credit with a corresponding link to the original item, post or content source is required. Credit can be the link. ex. <a href="link to source">Art by H.Bryant</a>


  • Social Media Shares: (Right affected- Distribution/Publishing) Where I have posted artwork or artwork in my public galleries (ex. Deviant Art, Behance) that allows for the reposting of said artwork, reposting of this work is permissible as long as a link and credit (citation) to the original source is added. The link and credit must use either my handle (Drakenhart) or my name (H.Bryant, Hope Bryant). ex. Artwork by H.Bryant. (link)
  • Re-posting to another Gallery/Site: (Rights affected- Distribution/Publishing) User may re-post to their online collection or personal Gallery only if written permission (see above note) has been given, and credit with a corresponding link is added. This includes personal character commissioned works.
  • Web Designs: (Rights affected- All) Generally any web design work is done as a Work For Hire. The only rights I ask to retain is the ability to show my designs (whether they were used, later changed or are currently in use) as part of my professional portfolio of works.