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Inktober 2017: Day 4

More Dragons! | 2017/10/4

So I decided to do more cute character work using the Flight Rising dragon morphology as a base. As I was looking through my Lair (yes, I play FR), I was inspired to do a Coatl dragon.

Digital thumbnail sketches of Coatal dragons.

After some feedback from fellow artists on one the (various) Flight Rising Discord servers, the one on the far left was picked and I refine the sketch using a tradigial hybrid process.

First I worked up a traditional sketch. Then scanned it, and took it into Photoshop. After which I reduced the opacity to almost invisible after cleaning up and increasing the contrast on the image.

Then I print it out on decent printer paper (white) and adjust the sketch again. I do this until I am satisfied. I scan it in another time, then print it on higher quality paper (bristol, watercolor paper, good sketch paper that holds ink well).

At this stage I ink it, and if I mess it up very badly, I can always print another (and NEVER ruin a finished sketch again! I end up with two originals (or more depending on how often I feel the need to reprint and resketch).

Cute Characterization of a Coatl dragon from Flight Rising

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