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Inktober: Day 2

Divided | 2017/10/2

Divided - Flight Rising Historic Broken Pillar.


I'm not entirely happy about how these photos are coming out. I rearranged my entire room, as I got a new desk, and still haven't set up my printer or the rest of my workspace outside what I need to get online. BUH. I'll have better scans/images later in the month.

This image is based on Flight Rising's canon history. It's my interpretation of the broken pillars pieces, some worse for wear than others. I didn't capture all of the pillars, as they were tall enough to "touch the sky". The small dragon sitting on the centermost stone is a Skydancer. I placed it there to show the size of the pillar stones. However, without knowing for certain how big they really are per FR Canon, I've taken liberties with what I thought was the size.

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