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Flight Rising Celebrating 4th Anniversary


A little over four years ago an art-friend of mine started posting these fascinating dragons. She said it was for a new game she was working on with a few others. Shortly after she advertised for Flight Rising. Back then, Flight Rising was so new they only let certain people in to play test it as they developed it. Windows would open every so often, as their system allowed for it. There would be a rush to sign up, and often the open slots would fill up so fast, it took only a few hours before they shut down registration.

The site has grown since then. The community is amazing.

Even I've gotten back into after a short break for real life. In the process I've made a few banners to help support the in-game goals I've developed for myself.

Hatchery Banner

Coliseum Venue background banner: Arena

Coliseum Venue Night version: Arena


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