Drakenhart Studios

The Art, Geek, and Design of H.Bryant


About Drakenhart Studios

Drakenhart Studios started out as a basic idea of putting my works online. As the years went by I realized that there was so much more I could offer. With the heart of a teacher, I find myself often reaching out to help others. Rather than see my fellow creatives as competition to be wary of, I hope to see them succeed in their own ways and will offer to help them in any way I am able. Thus the content of this site has morphed and changed over the years to include items such as tutorials, consulting, one on one critiques, live video chats, and more!

The core premise, of being my own personal gallery of works and projects, still exists and is the backbone of the site's content. You can find all this, and so much more, as you explore the various pages within this site. 

Along with this site, I do use third party sites/software in order to monetize some aspects of it (RedBubble, Etsy Accounts, Artist and Clients, Deviant Art Store, Affiliate links, etc). In this day and age of the internet and technology, only one stream of income is a risk while many smaller trickles make for a better safety net. However, any affiliate links are only added if either an item has been personally recommended to me by someone I trust, or is a product or item I have used myself

About the Artist

Artist, crafter, designer, coder, and more - I am a mom of three, and love teaching/sharing information. I love Science (but Chemistry problems in high school thwarted my path to being a degreed scientist) and art is part of my soul. I couldn't settle on which path to follow until I was faced with a choice of where to go for college. So my works are a range of various influences from classic art, spirituality, and more.

About the Works

Works range from animation, design, web UI, and more.